Hi there,

Hello, I am a tiler with fifteen years of experience. An  advantage If you decide to go with me  besides getting your job as good as it can get is I will be with you from  start to completion. If preferred you only have to deal with me throughout the process. Its ideal for me to supervise coordinate and immediately deal with any changes or concerns you may have including give you  options and look after your premises, as I am actually  working on site, with tradespeople I know well and have done many projects with. I have the knowledge and experience to deal with any issues that may arise to get the job done efficiently and on time.The disadvantage of some companies is they have good salespeople but once they have the job they hand it over and cut Quality and there costs to maximise profit. Ive bean unpleasantly surprised at many jobs I've seen and repaired, and the cost the client told me were involved. Of the many showers I have repaired and waterproofed I am yet to have a repeat of water damage. If you need I can show previous Jobs I've completed in your area or you can talk to recent clients of mine. My aim is to give you value for your money.I hope to hear from you.
All the best, Michael Havenhand
Owner operated